Kurta or Kurti is basically starts from neck and ends at sometimes knee, hip, thigh, calf and may be just to waist.  It may be like as angrakha, umbrella style, back tail, side slits etc.

Kurti or Kurta is the most wearing dress across all over the world and mostly in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. From casual to party wear, this versatile garment comes in all forms and shapes and is just perfect for every  type of body figure. Just add a dash of character to your outfit by wearing an asymmetric kurti in your daily life. It comes in different patterns and designs, which you can style as per your liking.

Short kurti that ends above the knee makes you look taller because it ends around your waist. This type of kurti comes in different patterns, pleats and design which looks stylish and comfortable at the same time. It is more preferable to wear upon jeans, pants, lungi, tights, pajama, dhoti, skinny pants and trouser etc. A girl can never have enough clothes and when it comes to kurtis, Never Ever! Kurtis is the go-to outfits of every wardrobe.  From dressy to casual, they come in all silhouette and content and can take you from 9 to 12 with just a slight change in styling.Short kurtis like umbrella style, frock style & short angrakha style are most trending nowadays

Light clothes like cotton, chiffon etc are best stuff for summer on the other hand in cold warm clothes like Jersey, wool etc are best for kurti.


pale kurti grey kurti kurti with plazou white kurti with bell sleeves