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Refer a friend bonus


  1. refer friends to open the treasure chest, by completing different numbers of people, you can win the corresponding treasure chests, with a maximum value of R$88,888. The more you develop, the greater the reward;

  2. This promotion is an additional bonus of the platform, and you can also enjoy other rewards and agent commissions, which means you can directly experience multiplied joy,

  3. Rewards can only be claimed manually on the PC/Windows、APP/Android、APP/iOS platform; expired rewards will be distributed automatically;

  4. The bonus (excluding the main one) of this event requires 1 valid bet for withdrawal, and bets are limited to Fishing
    events:All games,Slots event All games;

  5. This event is only for the normal manual operations of the account owner, renting, use of cheating software, bots, gambling between different accounts, mutual manipulation, arbitrage, APls, protocols, exploitation of vulnerabilities, group control or other technical means are prohibited, otherwise rewards may be canceled or deducted, or accounts may be frozen or even blacklisted;

  6. In order to avoid differences in understanding of the text, the platform reserves the right to final interpretation of this event

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