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Daily Betting Bonus

1. Bonus Detail

Accumulated bets Bonus Rollover
1000R$ 1R$ 3x
2000R$ 2R$ 3x
3000R$ 3R$ 3x
5000R$ 6R$ 3x
8000R$ 9R$ 3x
10000R$ 12R$ 3x
20000R$ 25R$ 3x
30000R$ 35R$ 3x
50000R$ 58R$ 3x
80000R$ 90R$ 3x
100000R$ 150R$ 3x

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2. Promotion Details

  • The promotion will be automatically refreshed at 00:00 GMT-3, User should contact customer service to received the reward within 00:00-23:59 the next day, after the expiration time will be regarded as automatic abandonment. Customer Service will verify and issue the reward as soon as possible.
  • User can get the accumulated rewards when you betting accumulate amount every day. You can only receive it once a day.
  • This bonus is only available for slot gaming and (all non- casino type) games. If our system found that violation, the bonus will be freeze.
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